To strengthen small manufacturing for the defense industry

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Join us at the Defense Industrial Base Conference (DIBCON) for the Knudsen Institute’s inaugural premier annual event. DIBCON is the only conference designed to bring together all key stakeholders involved in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) in a truly collaborative environment with a singular goal: To get more small manufacturers directly engaged in the US defense industry.

The Knudsen Institute

Applied Research
on Surge Theory

Surge Theory

Surge Theory studies how to rapidly scale resources during a crisis, with an emphasis on preparedness. 

Why It Matters

In the defense context, surge capacity can – and usually does – spell the difference between victory and disaster.


The Knudsen Institute seeks to enhance the surge capacity of the U.S. defense industrial base. We do this by identifying and integrating small- and medium-sized manufacturers via emerging technology, workforce, and policy solutions.

Active Research Projects

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The Data Mine

At Purdue University, The Knudsen Institute is sponsoring two projects in the upcoming 2023-2024 semesters.

Autonomous Data Engine

The development of an autonomous data engine that is continuously collecting data from a variety of sources.

Project 81

Project 81 is developing innovative ways to support workforce development for small manufacturers. 

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